Koi ponds and water gardens are a perfect addition to any landscape.  Whether it’s for a COMMERCIAL property or a RESIDENTIAL front or back yard.   We’d like to help you meet your needs. We design and build (but not limited to) water gardens, koi ponds, waterfalls, fountains, and streams.






Services provided:

  • Installation of any water feature.
  • Weekly, monthly, and annual pond maintenance.
  • Spring startup and Autumn shut downs.
  • Restoration of preexisting water features. (Including concrete features)
  • Conversion of swimming pools into ponds.
  • UV-Light installation.
  • Pump and filter installation – Custom made Bio-gravel filters and marketed filters such as Atlantic Water Gardens and Aquabead filter systems.
  • Natural pond aeration installation. (Fountains and air pumps)
  • Aquatic plant potting and repotting.
  • Koi and goldfish stocking.
  • Fish removal of overpopulated ponds.
  • Just about anything dealing with your water garden or koi pond.

I am located in Newburgh, New York and our service area extends through most of the lower Hudson Valley.